August of Fresh Airs among cool breezes and warm summer winds

I’ve been meaning to write an article about something like “the business ethics of online communications” for at least a month now — and what’s been preventing me is (I think) that my views on the topic are strange enough to be basically incomprehensible … unless I go into such detail that it could hardly pass as a blog post and require a significant investment on the part of readers (think: “short story” or even “novella”).

Anna Lundberg recently engaged with me on her blog — and this type of “open communication” is actually very much what I am talking about. I have come up with a new term — “publicacy”– which is supposed to be somewhat a counterpart for writers + publishers to what the term “literacy” means to readers (or rather, the way the term “literacy” is commonly understood to refer to readers more than being applied to writers or publishers).

There is an element of another term — “communicative competence” — involved. Beyond the interpersonal direct communication norms of “meatspace”, in “cyberspace” we are all collaborating towards building a communal text… and so the engagement Anna practices with me is a required element of publicacy: to monitor and discuss, beyond simply clicking the button to “publish”. This engagement is the opposite of “moving on”, “forgetting about”, or in a more extreme view of being unattentive or even ignorant.

Please do go and check out Anna’s post (“How to build your personal brand on social media“) + our collaboration to “work it out”.

I highly recommend paying attention to Anna, and I hereby gladly extend an open invitation for her to join and participate in the Zita.PRO community! 😀

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