Query News — Testing Queries for Algorthims & Algorithmic Search Results Research

This is one of my own projects. Here’s a short introduction:

I came up with a new idea: What if we distribute the research among a large community of researchers? And I came up with an idea for distributed data-sharing and exchange for exchanging information about SQU (Standard Questions & Utilities) analysis … in the hope of discovering how biased different utilities present information for researchers to analyze if they want to use such shared data for their research. This is all in a very old-fashioned approach to science: scientists share and discuss information openly much like today some software is developed by developers without any type or form of security or secrecy within proprietary organizational structures (such software is usually referred to as “open source” software).


Feel free to participate in any way you choose! 😀

Frances Haugen, online educator

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The new U.K. and E.U. laws have the potential to force Facebook and its competitors to open up their algorithms to public scrutiny, and face large fines if they fail to address problematic impacts of their platforms.

Time Magazine, quoted in “While some have described the Facebook whistle-blower as an activist, Haugen says she sees herself as an educator

Remember, Remember: November may be the best time to move over or come over

Now that we have overcome what seems to have been the worst of the pandemic, it may now also be a good time to begin making plans about how to start over.

I suggest coming over rather than moving over (remember, remember: Janis Joplin broke on through to the other side — so if you want to keep moving and going with the flow over here, then there’s little use in listening to whatever she might have said long ago now).

Dark side, light side, this side, that side, all said — getting inside the true meanings in life is a good plan for dealing with a bewitched world out there. Meaning is not some incantation or gobbledygook story, it’s a matter of finding alignment with natural forces.

Nature cannot be off limits. Neither is it a domain for some sort of hocus pocus mixed up confusion. Nature is what science is all about, natural laws are what we must aim for on every front.

We do not seek to affront natural order, but rather to embrace nature as the primary design principle. We must not work against it, for to be so foolish to think that we stand above it would be a laughable exercise of working towards our own peril. Either we evolve towards alignment, or we will be steamrolled and asphyxiated through fixation on believing industrialism, innovation and human ingenuity might be a viable alternative to much-larger-than-us evolutionary designs.

My timeline is limited, and in my own time horizon there are only but a few human languages within my scope of expectations. Future generations will either learn more new tricks, or they will almost certainly be forced into extinction. Extinction Rebellion is definitely an admirable concept, construct, goal, ideal or whatever.

Yet for the immediate tasks which must be solved urgently, we need a much more fundamental focus on how far humanity has gone astray from the underlying ideals of humanism towards a fetishist bondage and subordination to near-sighted capitalist short-term results driven profit-taking (“money to the bank”) mentality. What got us here is not only not going to get us there, it actually got us into this rotten mess of a situation in the first place. More of the same is not only not an answer, it is a sure-fire destination for doom, total destruction, and global terminal death.

We need to reverse out of this errant path. We must return to rational thought. We must behave in alignment with nature, we must not continue to follow any hare-brained attempts to rise above it.

My own part in this realignment is rather small — yet I do not doubt its effectivity. I strongly feel that natural language is a technology that has evolved in alignment with natural law, and that it will continue to evolve in this manner (see also “In What We Trust“). I am strongly aligned, simply because of my very strong conviction (which is also based on several decades of research).

To say “Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise” is of little consequence. Yet I implore you to think hard about what you yourself intend to do. And I hope you will help me to discover more about nature — please accept my invitation to start here.

Roll over October — Revolution in the Air

No, this isn’t about Thunderclap Newman….

It’s about a guy named Cristian Mihai … who offers really high quality blogging advice for bloggers (who else? 😉 ) … which, basically, IMHO, is just about anyone who uses the Internet with access to adequate writing tools (e.g. a keyboard).

The featured image above appears in one of his latest contributions, which I have reviewed over at Contextual News — see “Because they’re the most popular blogs within a particular niche, their communities effectively act as a support system for anyone who’s just now getting acquainted with a particular topic“. Cristian maintains many blogs (much like I do, too). I guess one good place to start off is cristianmihai.net.

Literacy is an important skill — and Cristian contributes a great deal to understanding how to read and write on the World-Wide Web. I welcome his participation in our collective creation of hypertext … and I would be honored to have him participate in helping to build more professionalism along with the Zita PRO community! 😀

In this September, Take Time to Remember to Care for Yourself

A few days ago, as I had begun to emerge from the summer doldrums by starting more hustle and bustle, and amid the waking I kind of almost busted my ass (or even worse: almost my face).

I got off quite easily, considering what stumbling and falling down on pavement amid a highly trafficked area could lead to — I was able to brush myself off with only a few scratches and scapes.

Nonetheless this unfortunate turn of events made me somewhat less than a completely happy camper.

Today, as we look forward into fall, I want to offer some of my own advice, before I move on to our regularly scheduled programming: Do not fall for any sucker punches due to careless mistakes! Care for yourself, do what is good for you, so that you can better do what is good for others. This will certainly result in more wellness all around.

Please keep this in mind in case anyone you question tries to force some easy answer on you as you move through your daily life — whether at a quick or at a slow pace.

Recently, I came across Cait Allison. She seems to be doing very well at spreading a lot of wellness, and therefore I wish to offer her an Open Invitation to join the Zita.PRO project. I am very inspired by her devotion to her work and her very professional attitude.

As a relatively brief example of Cait’s work online, consider how healing this relatively short video (16:18) is for you:

How to Cope with the Unknown top tips for dealing with stress and anxiety

If you want a quicker glimpse, check out her “introduction” video here:

Cait Allison Talks Mental Health, Spirituality & Meditation

And of course, remember that these are links to youtube.com — to visit Cait’s site, see:


I have reviewed some of Cait Allison’s writing here:

Moving forward, let me remind you that each post here is also an invitation to share questions and answers to any topic that might be concerning you with respect to any time frame whatsoever — so ask away and / or please do not hesitate to share a truth you yourself care about!