In this September, Take Time to Remember to Care for Yourself

A few days ago, as I had begun to emerge from the summer doldrums by starting more hustle and bustle, and amid the waking I kind of almost busted my ass (or even worse: almost my face).

I got off quite easily, considering what stumbling and falling down on pavement amid a highly trafficked area could lead to — I was able to brush myself off with only a few scratches and scapes.

Nonetheless this unfortunate turn of events made me somewhat less than a completely happy camper.

Today, as we look forward into fall, I want to offer some of my own advice, before I move on to our regularly scheduled programming: Do not fall for any sucker punches due to careless mistakes! Care for yourself, do what is good for you, so that you can better do what is good for others. This will certainly result in more wellness all around.

Please keep this in mind in case anyone you question tries to force some easy answer on you as you move through your daily life — whether at a quick or at a slow pace.

Recently, I came across Cait Allison. She seems to be doing very well at spreading a lot of wellness, and therefore I wish to offer her an Open Invitation to join the Zita.PRO project. I am very inspired by her devotion to her work and her very professional attitude.

As a relatively brief example of Cait’s work online, consider how healing this relatively short video (16:18) is for you:

How to Cope with the Unknown top tips for dealing with stress and anxiety

If you want a quicker glimpse, check out her “introduction” video here:

Cait Allison Talks Mental Health, Spirituality & Meditation

And of course, remember that these are links to — to visit Cait’s site, see:

I have reviewed some of Cait Allison’s writing here:

Moving forward, let me remind you that each post here is also an invitation to share questions and answers to any topic that might be concerning you with respect to any time frame whatsoever — so ask away and / or please do not hesitate to share a truth you yourself care about!

Just Another Declaration of the Independence (of Cyberspace)

We don’t need no special treatment (from the likes of so-called “social media” companies).

We can connect with others directly.

A few more examples of people willing to build connections:


I have already linked to these three people who are publishing content on their own blogs on some of my other blogs — see “I largely prefer being made to feel different for being black instead of for being disabled – but neither are pleasant“, “I want your articles, blogs, newsletter, eBooks, books, and social media posts to attract more attention than ever before” and “When you expand your definition of “wealth” and start to become aware of the things that really make you feel good, you develop the awareness of what changes you need to make in order to ensure you are getting those things“.

Cara describes quite well the kinds of connections she wants to make (build, change, … “get those things”). Both Sarah and Simone actually connected with me (and both are also excellent communicators [IMHO] ).

All 3 are more than welcome to join, connect, build, etc. with the Zita project!

How do you like that? 1 blog post, 3 open invitations! 😀