Feeling at Home with Indigenous Feelings

Why are gut feelings so often the best, the most reliable feelings? Why are they so often difficult to express using words? It might be foolish to jump to conclusions, to bifurcate into right and wrong, but a careful investigation of what we do and / or ought to base our decisions on might be very useful.

This is a big part of one of my new projects, Indigena — a view of information based in natural science and something like native intuition:

Indigena and propaganda are long-standing concepts based in the Latin language. They are basically opposites. Indigena (from “endo-” + “genus”) means inborn (either as adjective or as a noun). Propaganda is a term from the point of view of the propagandist — meaning essentially to propagate something (such as Christianity) in another environment (from its own native environment). In a zero-sum world, concepts are either native (indigena) or foreign (propaganda).


Indigena information is information we feel at home with, it is expressed in our own native language, it corresponds with our own gut feelings. We can feel at home in many languages, and as we expand our horizons, so too our own community expands with our own expansion of communications. We need not have information forced upon us, nor do we need to force information upon others. We communicate freely and easily the more we interact. We gradually become more and more native in more and more contexts — it is as if fluency is the currency we use to exchange ideas with one another (see also “Linguistic Empathy & Community Boundaries” [ https://socio.business.blog/2022/05/15/linguistic-empathy-community-boundaries ] ).

Grand Opening: Open Invitations!

Introducing a new feature — Open Invitations: We invite people to join Zita + help develop this community devoted to professionalism in all aspects, and also especially with respect to services. Each invitation will be fully transparent, open and a sign of our recognition for the invited person’s exemplary work.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me now introduce you to Kelsey — you’ve got a pre-paid reservation:

I did not expect sharing my trauma story with strangers to be a foundational aspect of my adult life

Kelsey, quoted in https://wants.blog/2021/05/31/i-hope-you-continue-to-pop-in-while-i-share-my-life

Please visit Kelsey’s website (“Creating Light with Kelsey“) and support her work. My gut feeling tells me it will make both Kelsey and you feel a whole lot better about being alive, interacting with the world, making good things happen, etc.