If you have someone reading your posts that is a big deal — it means that person finds value in your content and appreciates it, if that doesn’t make you happy as a blogger then I don’t know what else will

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You don’t reach happiness when you accomplish a certain goal or dream of yours when it comes to your blog. I personally think if you feel that way then you won’t have anything to look forward to afterwards because blogging in itself is a journey without a finishing line or destination. Happiness is a concept we created so we have something to strive for in general.


Roll over October — Revolution in the Air

No, this isn’t about Thunderclap Newman….

It’s about a guy named Cristian Mihai … who offers really high quality blogging advice for bloggers (who else? 😉 ) … which, basically, IMHO, is just about anyone who uses the Internet with access to adequate writing tools (e.g. a keyboard).

The featured image above appears in one of his latest contributions, which I have reviewed over at Contextual News — see “Because they’re the most popular blogs within a particular niche, their communities effectively act as a support system for anyone who’s just now getting acquainted with a particular topic“. Cristian maintains many blogs (much like I do, too). I guess one good place to start off is cristianmihai.net.

Literacy is an important skill — and Cristian contributes a great deal to understanding how to read and write on the World-Wide Web. I welcome his participation in our collective creation of hypertext … and I would be honored to have him participate in helping to build more professionalism along with the Zita PRO community! 😀